Required Texts

Washington Irving, “Rip Van Winkle,” 1819. (Sketch)
William J Wilson, “Afric American Picture Gallery,” Anglo African Magazine, 1859. (Novella)
Mark Twain, Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, 1889. (Novel)
H.G. Wells, The Time Machine, 1895. (Novella)
Octavia Butler, Kindred, 1979. (Novel)
Back to the Future, 1985. (Film)
Ken Grimwood’s Replay, 1986. (Novel)
Peggy Sue Got Married, 1986. (Film)
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 1989. (Film)
Connie Willis, Doomsday Book, 1992 (Novel)
Encino Man, 1992. (Film)
Groundhog’s Day, 1993. (Film).
Pleasantville, 1998. (Film)
Kate Atkinson, Life After Life , 2013. (Novel)
Ted Chiang’s Exhalation, 2019 (Short Story Collection)

Recommended Texts

NOTABLE Time Travel Fiction

Samuel Madden, Memoirs of the Twentieth Century (1733)
Johan Herman Wessex, Anno 7603 (1781)
*Washington Irving, “Rip Van Winkle” (1819)
Edward Page Mitchell, “The Clock that Went Backward” (1881)
William Morris, A Dream of John Ball (1888)
Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward (1888)
HG Wells, “The Chronic Argonauts” (1888)
Jerome, K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boast (to Say Nothing of the Dog) (1889)
Mark Twain, Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1889)
J. McCullough, Golf in the Year 2000 (1892)
*HG Wells, The Time Machine (1895)
HG Wells, When the Sleeper Wakes (1899)
Philip Francis Nowlan, Armageddon 2419 A.D. (1928/1929)
Laurence Manning, The Man Who Awoke (1933)
Robert Heinlein, “By His Bootstraps” (1941)
Ray Bradbury, “A Sound of Thunder” (1952)
Isaac Asimov, The End of Eternity (1955)
Robert Heinlein, The Door to Summer (1957)
*Robert Heinlein, “All You Zombies” (1959)
Poul Anderson, The Guardians of Time (1960)
Pierre Boulle, Planet of the Apes (1963)
Brian Aldiss, Cryptozoic! (1967)
Philip K. Dick, Counter-Clock World (1967)
Samuel R. Delany, Empire Star (1966)
Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five (1969)
Jack Finney, Time and Again (1970)
David Gerrold, The Man Who Folded Himself (1973)
Joe Haldeman, The Forever War (1974)
Richard Mathewson, Bid Time Return (1975)
*Octavia Butler, Kindred (1979)
Gregory Bedford, Timescape (1980)
Tim Powers, The Anubis Gates (1983)
John Varley, Millennium (1983)
Connie Willis, “Fire Watch” (1983)
*Ken Grimwood, Replay (1987)
Jack Womack, Terraplane (1988)
Martin Amis, Time’s Arrow (1991)
Diana Gabaldon, Outlander (1991-present)
*Connie Willis, Doomsday Book (1992)
Jack Womack, Elvissey (1993)
Stephen Baxter, The Time Ships (1995)
Orson Scott Card, Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus (1996)
George Foy, The Shift (1996)
Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake (1996)
Peter Delacorte, Time on My Hands (1997)
John Kessel, Corrupting Dr. Nice (1997)
Connie Willis, To Say Nothing of the Dog (1997)
Michael Crichton, Timeline (1999)
Terry Pratchett, Night Watch (2002)
Hiroshima Sakurazaka, All You Need is Kill (2004)
Joe Haldeman, Old Twentieth (2005)
Stephen King, 11/22/63 (2011)
Deborah Harkness, All Souls Trilogy (2011-2014)
Susan Pierce, The Sterkarm Handshake (2016)
Mike Chen, Here and Now and Then (2019)
Alastair Reynolds, Permafrost (2019)

NOTABLE Time Travel Films

The Time Machine, Dir. George Pal (1960)
*La Jété, Dir. Chris Marker (1962)
Time after Time, Dir. Nicholas Meyer (1979)
Somewhere in Time, Dir. Jeannot Szware (1980)
Time Bandits, Dir. Terry Gilliam (1981)
The Terminator, Dir. James Cameron (1984)
*Back to the Future, Dir. Robert Zemeckis (1985)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Dir. Leonard Nimoy (1986)
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Dir. Stephen Herek (1989)
Back to the Future II, Dir. Robert Zemeckis (1989)
Millennium, Dir. Michael Anderson (1989)
Back to the Future III, Dir. Robert Zemeckis (1990)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Dir. James Cameron (1991)
*Encino Man, Dir. Les Mayfield (1992)
*Groundhog Day, Dir. Harold Ramis (1993)
Timecop, Dir. Peter Hyams (1994)
12 Monkeys, Dir. Terry Gilliam (1995)
Star Trek: First Contact, Dir. Jonathan Frakes (1996)
The Sticky Fingers of Time, Dir. Hilary Brougher (1997)
Blast from the Past, Dir. Hugh Wilson (1999)
Frequency, Dir. Gregory Hoblit (2000)
Donnie Darko, Dir. Richard Kelly (2001)
The Time Machine, Dir. Simon Wells (2002)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Dir. Jonathan Moscow (2003)
Timeline, Dir. Richard Donner (2003)
The Butterfly Effect, Dir. Bress and Gruber (2004)
Primer, Dir. Shane Carruth (2004)
Idiocracy, Dir. Mike Judge (2006)
Déja Vu, Dir. Tony Scott (2006)
TimeCrime, Dir. Nacho Vigalondo (2007)
*Hot Tub Time Machine, Dir. Steve Pink (2010)
Midnight in Paris, Dir. Woody Allen (2011)
Looper, Dir. Rian Johnson (2012)
About Time, Dir. Richard Curtis (2013)
Interstellar, Dir. Christopher Nolan (2014)
Edge of Tomorrow, Dir. Doug Liman (2014)
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Dir. Tim Burton (2016)
Time Trap, Dir. Dennis & Foster (2017) Noon
Happy Death Day, Dir. Christopher Landon (2017)
In the Shadow of the Moon, Jim Mickle (2019)
Happy Death Day 2U, Dir. Christopher Landon (2019)

Time Travel Series

Quantum Leap (1989-1993)
Sliders (1995-2000)
Misfits (2009-2013)
Outlander (2014-)
Dark (2017-)
Russian Doll (2019-)
The Umbrella Academy (2019-)
Travelers (2016-2018)
Doctor Who (1963-1989; 2006-present)

Time Travel Video Games

Life is Strange (2015)
Lost in Time (1993)
Adventure in Time (1981)
Ape Escape (1999)
Bioshock Infinite (2013)
Blinx: The Time Sweeper (2002)
Chronomaster (1995)